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Welcome to Ms. Dillingham's  Bennett Elementary Library page!
Library is a regularly scheduled specials and I see each class every week.  We regularly do a wide variety of activities in library including but not limited to: checking out books, discover fun and interesting stories, work on a few art things, and having our school counselor visit every few weeks to help us become better friends!
About Me:
I grew up in Bayfield, Colorado which is located in the southwest corner of the state.  I often spent my summers as a kid hiking in the mountains, playing in the local reservoir, camping, four wheeling, visiting Mesa Verde, riding the local historic train, and horseback riding when I wasn't engrossed in a new book. I have three daughters, a dog, three cats, and two fish.  My girls and I enjoy traveling, reading books together, spending time with our family friends, and going on new adventures in the great outdoors!
Contact Info:
phone: 303-644-3234 x1230
Checking Out Books
  • Kindergarten and first grade are able to have one library item checked out at a time. 
  • Second through fifth grade are allowed to have two items checked out at a time. 
Students will need to return their item(s) from the previous checkout before new material may be taken home.  There is no fee for late books.  At the end of the year a fee will be applied if the book has not been returned, as it will be considered lost.  If a student loses or damages a book it will need to be payed for before the student can checkout again.
Daily Schedule:
9:00-10:00   5th Grade
10:00-11:00 4th Grade
12:00-1:00   1st Grade
1:00-2:00     3rd Grade
2:00-3:00 Kindergarten
3:00-4:00     2nd Grade